Our Pro’s and Cons of Lockdown Home Working

Date: 22/07/2020

We are blessed to work in an industry where working from home is possible. Cloud computing, video conferencing and good old Instant Messenger make the transition easier to adopt.

We asked members of the team what their personal pro’s and cons were to working from home in lockdown.


“Working from home has allowed me to save money due to not having to pay for travel, lunch and a mocha from the coffee shop which I tend to get everyday. I’ve discovered I have a passion for home cooking so I will definitely be making lunch for work when Im back in the office.”


“I miss part of my routine of getting up and going to work. I like feeling I’m going somewhere to be part of something and being able to interact in person. Working from home can feel lonely at times.”


“The time Ive saved each day not commuting to work has allowed me to exercise more. Aside from going for runs and cycling I’ve found lots of different home bodyweight workouts that Ive really benefitted from. Im definitely healthier because of lockdown.“


“Going to work allows me to socialise with my colleagues who I enjoy having a quick drink after work with from time to time. And I miss our weekly ritual of going to the local pub for lunch every Friday! As the office is located in the city it also gives me the ability to catch up with friends after work who I wouldn’t normally get the chance to see as often due to living so far apart."


“The 2 hours I’ve saved commuting every day (especially when the train is packed) has allowed me to be far more productive work wise. Client campaign eports are now done before Id even usually hit the office!”


“I found I started drinking more alcohol. Sharing a bottle of wine with my partner was something we’d do maybe once a week or only at the weekend. A glass of wine or two become a daily norm. My partner and I are now back to enjoying a drink once a week but I am mindful how easy it could be for someone with little will power to stop themselves from drinking alcohol daily and it initially being a habit that then becomes an addition."


It was refreshing to get such honest feedback that I can imagine may be relevant to so many people. We’ve learned as a company that some individuals are more productive working from home whilst others thrive from being in a team atmosphere where they can network face to face.

I think it's safe to say we all like the money saving aspect of lockdown, especially the money saved on travel, lunch and the over priced daily coffee.

When it's completely safe for people to travel and work from our office we will be returning but as a company we will give people the option to work from home if they feel they need to every now and then. Whether that’s to help them financially or so they can make time for family and friends, exercise or home cooking!

One thing we will all be looking forward to is our team lunch every Friday that’s for sure!

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