Our Two Pennies Worth on how to best Optimise a Web Lead via Telesales

Date: 18/08/2022

One of the common challenges brands have with lead-generation campaigns when using a telesales team to covert leads to sales, appointments or bookings is understanding what lead rate they should be paying and/or optimising to.

However the truth is there’s a number of variables that need to be factored in and its important you are able to test and learn quickly.

One key factor other than calling the leads as quickly as possible (this is obvious) is which call agents you are distributing leads to. It’s highly likely you will have some telesales members who are better than others and therefore they can make the CPL rate you are paying look more efficient against a poorer converting sales agent who does not. The guys that can get their overall telesales team improved and working to a higher level is the holy grail here, they will usually get their best sales reps to help and improve those that aren’t to their level and the end result over time is that the overall telesales team improves and therefore makes your effective CPL rate far more efficient.

What channels and sources are the leads coming from. Are you looking at each one individually or are you grouping all leads into one pot. By analysing lead to sale conversion rate by each channel/source individually this will allow you to now understand what the lead rate should be for each channel and source.

However as previously mentioned there’s likely to be other variables at play like sending leads into sales agents and the different skill levels of those sales agents. Therefore when testing a new channel/source ensure you are sending the same leads into the same agent/s so that you can truly understand the lead quality from each individual channel or source.

The quicker you are able to learn which channels/sources work at what rate and the more you improve your overall telesales operation so that you aren’t reliant on your rockstars the quicker you as a brand can drive higher levels of profitability.

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